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The only way to repair sewers or underwater piping in the past was to dig up the ground above, underneath, and around the pipe to replace it. Trenching was inevitable! Thanks to Trenchless Technology, trenching can now be avoided and, in most cases, it is no longer necessary. We are now able to repair a damaged pipe without disturbing the surrounding ground. With Trenchless Technology, there is minimal to no-digging which means that it will be much LESS expensive than the traditional Dig and Replace method since you will be able to avoid restoration costs. We specialize in cured-in-place piping. At Clear Pipe, we also dig and replace pipes when they are too damaged to be repaired, but we mainly recommend that process to our customers when their pipe has collapsed and it is no longer possible to restore it.
The majority of our clients’ sewer problems are due to root infiltration. Relining is a great way to stop worrying about those roots. The cured-in-place pipe is seamless which prevents infiltration/exfiltration, eliminating joints that can weaken and let roots in.
Cured-in-place pipe only reduces the diameter about 5% and it actually increases flow capacity because the new PVC pipe is much smoother than the old pipe. It also eliminates joints which can weaken pipes and let roots in.
Yes. We offer all our customers a 1-year labor guarantee and 10 year manufacturer's warranty on the lining material.
There is an estimated life expectancy of well over 50 years.
In many cases we can use an existing access point or cleanout to line the pipe. A major benefit of cured-in-place pipe lining is that we don’t need to dig up big trenches that could ruin your driveway, landscaping and flooring.
We first clean out the pipeline and inspect it with a camera to determine the length of liner needed. After measuring and cutting the liner, a felt tube with PVC coating on one side, we saturate it with epoxy. The liner is then put into an inverter that uses air pressure to unroll the liner into the pipe. A calibration tube is shot down the inside of the new PVC liner and maintained at a constant air pressure to create a bond between the original pipe and the saturated liner before being it's taken out. The epoxy hardens after a few hours leaving behind a new seamless PVC line. Once the pipe is cured and is all set to go, we do a final video inspection to confirm the success of the new pipe.
The actual lining is done in a single day. If there is another repair or cleanout installation along with the lining, the job is done within three days.
Yes. However, we will need to block your lateral service connection from the main line while the liner gets cured. The use of plumbing in your home will only be interrupted for about 6 to 8 hours. We’ll let you know exactly what day and time you won’t be able to use your plumbing so you can plan accordingly. It’s important to refrain from activities such as showering, baths, laundry or dishwashing since there is a limited storage capability in your plugged service lateral and there won’t be a place for the water to go until your service is reopened.
In order to give you a quote, we need to first see the condition of the sewer. We can schedule a free in-home estimate within a couple of days of your email/call and give you a quote shortly after that.
No. You can go about your day as you normally would. No need to miss work or disrupt your day-to-day activities. We would only need you to be home if there is a need for us to go inside of your home.
Every situation is different but even when a section of the pipe is collapsed, lining the entire line can give you peace of mind while saving on maintenance costs and insuring the owner against future problems.
Residential homes, condominium buildings, municipalities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, hotels, restaurants, stores. Pipe lining can save money in any location with a deteriorated cast iron or clay pipe.


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