Our relation to functional sewer lines can be described all too well by the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” That is, a functioning sewer line is like a silent hero that quietly disposes of the liquids in our home, day in and day out, without so much as a thank you from us. Until one day, when we realize a little bit too late, that things are no longer working as seamlessly as they should, and our sewer lines become clogged or even broken down. The problems that this can cause become a focal point of our attention, a jolt in our routine that cannot remain unaddressed, as we are faced with the choice of fixing our sewer or building a shed in the backyard. But thankfully, the cause of our sewer troubles can be diagnosed through sewer video inspection, performed by the pressing of a few buttons and the insertion of a long metallic cable with a camera attached to the end. Sewer inspection can give us several insights about the pipe: Its type, fittings and connections, blockage, breakage, and the location and distance of every single problem for the most proper diagnosis. 


Type of Pipe – The first and most obvious thing that a sewer inspection can tell you is the type of pipe that we have, whether that be PVC, clay, or a cast iron pipe.


Blockage and Breakage – The second and more pertinent thing that a sewer inspection can show us is if there are any blockages or intrusions such as a fatberg (mass of clogged toilet paper and other matter), dirt or rocks that have fallen through the cracks, or roots that have invaded and created a blockage in your pipe. In extreme cases where the pipe has decayed or cracked and collapsed onto itself, as is common with clay pipes  over 50 years of age, we can see the fallen remains and diagnose it as such. 


Sewer Connections – Peering inside of our sewer system also allows us to see the kind of fittings and connection types. Tracking the water flows here is important, as it  shows us which lines are connected and functioning properly. 


Location of Problems – Most sewer cameras are equipped to send out a signal, a signal that can be picked up by a special locator to show us the exact location of the camera underground. The video recording software also shows us how deep the line is, so that when we locate a problem or a connection that must be accounted for, we know exactly where it is.


If you ever have an emergency and suspect that it may be something deep within your pipes, don’t hesitate to call a professional at Clear Pipe for all of your sewer needs! 

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