How often do you have your main sewer line cleaned?

Sewer lines need to be cleaned out periodically to prevent any future problems. Main sewer line maintenance is one of the most overlooked maintenance tasks, yet, if the sewer line is not maintained, it can potentially cause water damage and clean up costs. We recommend that you have your main sewer line cleaned at least once every 12-22 months (depending on the use, age, type, and condition of the line).

Sewer lines backup due to the accumulation of grease, root intrusion, debris, etc. All it takes for tree roots to enter a clay sewer line is a very small crack. If not properly maintained, roots will continue to fill the pipe, forcing additional cracks that can eventually break the pipe.

After inspecting your pipe and televising it, if needed, we will be able to determine the best main sewer line maintenance schedule for you and send you a courtesy reminder.


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