Did you know that Clear Pipe offers maintenance services for restaurants in your area?

Can you imagine what would happen if a pipe were to clog in your restaurant? Our team has seen it all, and it’s never a pretty sight: A foul odor, odd colored liquids leaking out of your floor, flies, people “snapchatting” the disaster to all of their friends to gawk at, and scores of would-be customers leaving your establishment for tastier smelling pastures, before possibly reporting your restaurant to the local health department.

As any business savvy restaurant owner or manager would know, it’s best to tackle this kind of problem as soon as it occurs. But even closing down a section of your restaurant to repair a broken or damaged pipe can cause thousands of dollars in lost business alone.

Sewer businesses such as ours are here for you. You can avoid the headache by contacting a sewer company and setting up a regularly scheduled maintenance plan to stop a catastrophe before it happens and ensure that your business is running smoothly at all times. In this article, you will learn what this process of sewer maintenance entails.


We inspect by using a high-tech 22mm – 35mm camera that goes inside the pipe and provides a thorough inspection of the entire line. We can then share the video footage with you, showing you any cracks, blockages, tree roots, and collapsed sections that we’ve identified.


Grease in your pipes can, over time, cause major blockages in your pipes that block liquids from passing through and cause them to overflow and flood your restaurant with dirty, greasy water. Grease isn’t the only culprit to bad sewers, another common substance found in restaurants is also at fault: Carbonated liquids. It will damage your pipes by corrosion and cracking because, over time, substances left behind by carbonated drinks will settle and eat away at your pipes, a replacement of which may end up costing you thousands of dollars while your restaurant can’t do business and waits for a repair.

Maintenance Plan

Luckily, all of this can be avoided by utilizing services such as Power Rodding and Hydro-jetting, special tools that can clear debris blocking your line. Sludge from carbonated drinks and grease can appear that is so thick that off-the-shelf drain cleaning chemicals and power snakes can’t even make a dent. Regular cleaning of your pipes is important for keeping pipes along with your business operating: Depending on the type of restaurant and condition of your pipes we might suggest you do it bi-annually or quarterly. If for any reason you have an emergency need, as our customer, we prioritize your restaurant and repair the problem as soon as possible. Clear Pipe’s Hydro Jetting and Power Rodding services are the most effective services on the market to both break-up and pull-out biomass, clearing your lines and keeping your restaurant’s pipes clean and functional.

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