Here in the Midwest, We Hunker Down In The Winter

We cook, have indoor BBQ’s (please cook outside), make soups, make stews, we make all sorts of stuff where some leave fat behind in the pan we have to wash.  Some of us (we won’t tell) send that awful fat down the drain thinking it’s OK.  NO, NO, it’s not OK.

That fat builds up, it hardens and it stuffs up your pipes and the worst part of it is, people will go hungry while you struggle sending off the shelf pipe cleaners to save the day.

Bad News.  You might need to try twice.  It kind of works but never does the job like a pro at Clear Pipe.  Here are some tips on how to deal with fat.

  • Become a vegan.
  • Eat out all the time.
  • Scrape your fat out of your pans and dump into your garbage.
  • Throw out the garbage.
  • Enjoy clear pipes!

Remember Clear Pipe for your sewer and drain maintenance.



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