Here in the middle of winter we find it pleasant to think about summer breezes.  Unfortunelty, with summer comes a little more rain some years.  So beside contacting Clear Pipe about your yard drainage and downspouts, what else can you do?

Here are some tips about this summer and yard drainage:

No doubt if you have a home you probably have a yard and because of settling of the earth around your home, you may have some depressions where water collects in a rain.  Here are some steps you can take to help eliminate this type of water problem.

  • Hire a contractor to level your property with new fill.
  • Plant water loving plants in your low areas, prop the area up with additional soil.
  • Grass is cheap in the Chicago area so fill in bare areas of your lawn.
  • Use landscaping stone to steer water to diffuse over a larger area away from low areas.
  • Sometimes it is important to see what happens right after a heavy rain then make changes to your landscaping.

Keep your downspouts clean and your drains free running with Clear Pipe.


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