Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we all know that means that tasty food will be filling our plates! While we can all bask in the joys of delicious food and quality family time, it is well known that our arteries are at a higher risk for clogging. What is not as known is that the holiday preparation can also clog our plumbing system.

Drainage related service calls take a staggering jump of 50% the day following Thanksgiving. Don’t let your kitchen be a statistic, that’s for turkeys; preparing all of that food is hard enough.

Thanksgiving food that shouldn’t be thrown down the drain:

Rice and pasta: Cooking both of these involves expanding them with water. Unsurprisingly, when you pour these down the drain, they create a sticky substance that can end up becoming a clog.

Turkey grease: Holiday gravy recipes usually call for turkey drippings. These mainly consist of grease, fat, and oil. Although these are great add-ons for any Thanksgiving feast, the damage will go to your pipes as well as your gut. When hot, turkey grease will be in liquid form, and it will flow in the shape of your pipes like any other liquid. But it can quickly cool off, solidifying and clogging your pipes.

Turkey Bones:  Although tossing a few small pieces of these down your drain may seem harmless, they will wreak total havoc on your garbage disposal.

Too many potato skins: Dumping these down your sink can lead to a conglomeration of starchy paste clogging your drain.

Celery, onions, and eggshells: Although these items can be handled by your drain, they contain hard to break strings that can tie around the inside of your garbage disposal and cause the blades to stop working.

We recommend you write these down or simply print out this list so that you celebrate your Thanksgiving worry-free. The holidays aren’t the only time this list will be important, it should be kept in mind year-round as drains can clog at any time, rain or shine.

If you ever run into a problem with clogged drains, you can call us at Clear Pipe. We always have a team of professionals ready to unclog your drains at any time.  

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