The red stains on your toilet bowl are a pink mold. This kind of mold is called Serratia marcescens and its red pigment is produced at room temperature, making it range in color from pink to orange. Serratia marcescens occurs naturally in our environment: animals, soil, and food. It’s naturally attracted to moist surfaces when it becomes airborne. Many people have noted that it occurs when they leave their windows open in the warm summer months. This bacteria in particular feeds on dust, moisture, and phosphates; most of which can be found in your toilet and your excrement.


How To Prevent Pink Stains From Happening In The First Place

Having an activated carbon filter will actually make the bacteria worse since it filters out the chlorine naturally occurring in your tap water; which in turn filters out the bacteria. Secondly, be wary during home renovations and construction, this bacteria is known to thrive due to the excess in dust particles that they feed on. And finally, keep the toilet lid closed so that airborne particles aren’t able to land inside of your toilet.


How To Get Rid Of Pink Stains

Do not use abrasive cleaners, use of such devices could lead to scratching of the porcelain which will not only damage your toilet, it will also expose more surface area for bacteria to collect into.

Do wear gloves and protective eyewear and use a brush with plastic bristles or an old toothbrush dipped in chlorine bleach to scrub away at the red mold. The general advice and marketing to just dump bleach and sanitizing bricks into the tank may sound like a quick and easy fix but be aware that using this method can damage soft parts such as the flapper and lead to unwanted water leaks from the tank to your toilet, leading to a higher water bill. Remember, simplicity is key, and in the case of just brushing it away with just a little bit of chlorine bleach, this saying is spot on.


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