Winter is here and time to review some of your internal pipe needs to help you preserve heat in your water tank and pipes as well as making sure drains in your floor are clear.

Easy sewer and drain maintenance

This list should not take more than an hour of reviewing what condition and changes you need to make.

  • Make sure all items that could clog your drain if you flood are off the floor.
  • Make sure all shut-offs leading to outside are in the OFF position
  • Make sure any internal clean-outs are visible or marked
  • Putting screening under floor drains keep water bugs out of your home
  • Make sure all outside valves are in the OFF position
  • Check with Clear Pipe for your Maintenance Date


Just a little work can save thousands

If we experience below zero weather this winter be sure to allow water to “slow drip” out of your faucets to keep water pipes from freezing.

Please keep Clear Pipe in mind for any sewer or drain service you may need this winter.

Consider joining our Members Club !  Get a FREE video inspection to establish a baseline sewer and drain maintenance schedule.  Save yourself thousands by avoiding emergencies with our services that keep your sewers and drains functioning correctly and efficiently.

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  • Mike, in Highland Park

    February 5, 2016 | Reply

    We had sewer problems for years. Guys would come with big machines and make a mess in my basement that was always gross and required clean-up. Which I did, for years. Then I learned about Clear-Pipe, the rates competitive and now I can tell you the service and the new cured-in-place piping is great. You guys gave me the paperwork and Highland Park pitched in on the cost. All around great experience and no more big guys making a mess in my basement.

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