“An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure” is a famous saying that can lend itself to many things, with our plumbing system being no exception. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, or a movie star, nobody likes to find out that they have a clogged drain right under their noses. Instead of throwing a pound of cure at your clogged pipes, keep reading on for help provided by our specialists here at Clear Pipe.

The Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is rarely a sudden thing, the sad truth is that you will never know that your drain is clogging until it, well, clogs. In reality, most clogs are very old and are the result of built-up sediment over a long period of time. Drain cleaning is a useful tool in preventing a clogged drain, which you can read about here.

Foreign Objects

Q tips, hair, chicken bones, etc – There are a million different things that could go on this list because your drain isn’t built with the capability to push most things down your pipes. It is much less of a hassle to simply put these down the trash where they belong.

Grease and Soap Scum Buildup

Believe it or not, the inevitable residue that your soap leaves can cause buildup and lead to a clogged drain. It is best to always do professional cleanings to keep your pipes running smoothly, but if you want to perform some damage control between cleanings, you can use a vinegar and water solution to stave off the clogging just a bit longer. But be careful with commercial cleaners, they can do more harm than good!

Toilet Paper Buildup

This usually isn’t much of a problem since a plunger will usually take care of your worries. But if this method doesn’t fix your problem, and your toilet fills without draining, a deeper issue could be present and an expert will need to be called.

Pipe Deterioration

Long ago, clay and concrete were the ideal materials for underground piping. However, many of these pipes are approaching the end of their lives and collapsing. So if you’re planning on buying an older house, we recommend a sewer and drain inspection so that you can be sure of what you’re purchasing!

Tree Roots

Save for brand new properties, it is not uncommon to find tree roots clogging your drains. Clay pipes from houses over several decades old are commonly found cracking or leaking. The underground tree roots are attracted to the running water in your pipes and creep into these cracks, growing and expanding without your knowledge until the inevitable blockage. Root intrusion is a complex problem that requires sewer services such as hydro-jetting and rodding, to remove and clean the roots, and relining to prevent this problem from recurring.

There are many causes to a clogged drain and the best solution is to always be conscious of the objects that clog it, and if problems do occur, to make sure the solutions don’t contain chemicals that can further damage your pipes. If you ever run into an emergency with clogged pipes, don’t hesitate to call a professional at Clear Pipe with all of your sewer needs!

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