Power Rodding and Hydro-jetting are the two main ways to clean a blocked sewer line. Much harsher methods were used to clear pipes in the past, but depending on how you define “clear,” those harsher methods could also “clear” your pipes out of existence. Modern-day tools are much more efficient and easier on your piping system than ever before. It’s been proven that simply pouring over the counter chemicals or punching through a clog with a snake or other instrument is only a temporary solution. As long as the conditions stopping the free flow of wastewater persist – such as sludge or other residues – the drain remains susceptible to being clogged again.

Power Rodding and Hydro-jetting are the most technologically advanced weapons to combatting clogs the world has ever seen. Our modern-day methods compared to those of the past, in the context of fighting fires, can be seen as firefighters from the Flintstones throwing rocks at flames versus modern-day firefighters blasting them away with strong water hoses. A professional’s toolkit will clear your clogs along the culprits that keep on making the problem reoccur.


Hydro-jetting employs the capability of hot, pressured water to push away any obstructions and leave the pipe as clean as when it was first installed. This process works by attaching a cleaning head to a water line which is threaded into the pipe. The head is covered in holes that release high-pressure jets of hot water up to 4,500 p.s.i. into the lines, obliterating the clog and flushing it away without damage to the pipe. Besides removing the clog, the hot, pressurized water also dissolves grease and sludge that could cause another outbreak of clogging.

Power Rodding

Rodding is the evolved form of the basic drain snake. This method carefully eases a stabilized metal cable into the pipe to avoid damaging the delicate plumbing system. At the end of this cable, like in the hydro-jetter, we also have a cleaning head. The difference is that the Power Rodder incorporates extremely sharp blades that are carefully measured to the diameter of the pipe. Meanwhile, a motor outside of the pipe powers this cable into a high-speed rotation, powering the blades into destroying the clog and scraping away accumulated sludge from the pipe walls, resulting in a clear sewer for water to flow. Power Rodding is also strong enough to be used to remove any tree roots that have penetrated your sewers.

To determine whether you need a Hydro-jetting or Power Rodding, you must call an expert to video inspect your pipes. With our specialized video inspection equipment, we can determine both the cause and location of the problem.

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